Monday, February 16, 2009

Friends no more

To use a gasgas corporate term, I am presently "streamlining" my online presence. I suddenly grew paranoid about how much information about me are out there. While I've exactly no regrettable online artifacts -- I mean, I've no nude pics/videos whatsoever :-P -- I thought I'd be a bit more private moving forward.

I actually started deleting my various web accounts last year but tonight, the latest casualty was Friendster. While I've maintained a pretty decent profile there -- no cheesy graphics and crazy fonts; my testimonials, photos, caption and spelling were generally proper -- I've added people in my list who weren't exactly my friends. The bulletin updates from some of them began to irritate me. There were unwelcome testimonials, mostly spam, that came with videos and flash animation. Pages weren't immediately refreshed; old info would stay until one clears his cache, log out and reload the page. There'd be broken images of one's photos as well.

And there's Facebook now.

I wasn't immediately a fan -- all that "poking" didn't appeal to me at all -- but eventually, I grew to love its simplicity, especially the layout. The privacy settings also gave a lot of flexibility to cater to anyone's preferences. Most importantly, you won't know who views you. Trust me, that simplifies what are already complicated relationships among us peeps.

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Auee said...

Remember that on facebook your photo album has a separate privacy setting... Your friends' friends can browse thru it is you set it as default which is public. You can also disable the public search on your profile so you don't turn up on google.

I was a bit paranoid last month, I locked all the posts with my family pictures in them. I know ang tagal na nung iba but better late than never. Mahirap na.

And like you I've been "reviewing" my friendster list. I know them but are they friends? And those that I barely liked, I've been cutting off.

Jason said...

Yup, I did set my facebook privacy settings already including the photos -- ang galing nga eh, ang daming options!

amor said...

I soo agree with you with the Friendster Bulletin --> most are just pointless. If not for my own father (who happens to be one of my friends in Friedster, lol) and to the rest of my close friends, I would've deleted the account since becoming a Facebook convert. Maybe, soon.

Jason said...

hello amor :-)

yeah, maybe they'd consider transferring to facebook as well :-) though i wonder what prevents facebook from suffering the same fate as friendster, hehe

Deepa said...

ooooh 'streamlining'. haven't heard that in a while. 'moving forward' is another gasgas corporate term. remember my corporate bullsh*t generator? sudden flashback to factory days hahahaha.

Laurene said...

I have done this a couple of times already. I do regular locking of albums and blogs when people have seen them already (in Multiply). I also restrict access to strangers of photos and information. Out of paranoia, I even went out of my way Googling myself to make sure I am properly hidden. Most of my content are for documentation purposes only anyway, so I don't see why I have to open it to public consumption. The only public account I have is my Tumblr, which is mainly a venue for opinion and discourse. No need to share personal or specific info. Have fun with your streamlining! :]

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