Monday, February 02, 2009

Facebook friends

I "unfriend-ed" an ex-colleague in Facebook. Early this morning, his status message was along the lines of "Asks for prayers for the Pope. These are difficult times for him and for the whole Church." I thought the Pope was dying, and to be honest, such news wouldn't have disrupted my aura or anything, so I quickly scanned the headlines.

I wouldn't want to dwell on them because I don't want to waste my time on the Pope and his shenanigans, but apparently, he had recently appointed a priest, who was known to have denied the holocaust, to a high post.

I considered deleting ex-colleague in my list but I thought that hey, I have my beliefs and he has his own, so I'll respect that...

... until he writes a new Facebook status that said "Prays that the Holy Father be protected against the ravenous wolves within the Church."

It only took me seconds to hit that "x" button.

I mean, seriously? To deny the holocaust? I thought he was praying for the Pope's enlightenment, but apparently, he equates critics of the papal appointment -- by Catholics, specifically -- to ravenous wolves.

I've had several blog posts that attack the Pope and I've received comments that say, just let him be -- he is there to defend the Establishment -- and I get that. My beef with him, along with religious fanatics, is how they force their beliefs on others, not by simply airing their opposition to "un-Catholic" ideas, but by actually taking steps to block (or revert, as in the case of Prop 8) causes not adhering to their beliefs.

I can't be friends, not even "Facebook friends," with them.

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heldensoubrette said...

this is why a lot of people think that the current pope is the anti-christ.

i wonder how catholics will defend their pope.

Jason said...

valiant as ever as in some cases...

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