Friday, February 13, 2009

Brings out thy eyes

Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

The Tower
When the boy reached the tower, he called up to the girl.
“Throw down thy hair,” he shouted.
He climbed up her long, braided locks and entered the only window there was which was ten stories high and also served as the only entrance and exit. When he got in, he kissed the girl and said to her, “Let me fix thy hair, my love.”
She was puzzled by this, but she let him.

The boy ended up cutting her locks, leaving her with a chic, shoulder length head of hair.

She gasped when she realized what happened. “Dost thou not know what thou hast done?” she exclaimed. “There is no other way in nor out and thou shalt remain here, imprisoned with none but me as companion till the breaking of the world.”

The boy just smiled and said, “Thy hair is prettier that way. It brings out thy eyes.”

LOL, makeover ang pucha.

Excerpted from
Ten Tales About A Boy About A Girl by J. Pocholo Martin Goitia.

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