Sunday, January 04, 2009

"Take this all of you and eat it"

While shopping for kitchen utensils last Saturday, my mother somehow miraculously got me into attending mass at the new chapel in SM Megamall. I didn't mind going through the rites and all but somehow it amazed me that I didn't find this particular song weird until now:
Si Kristo ay gunitain
Sarili ay inihain
Bilang pagkai't inumin
Pinagsasaluhan natin
Hanggang sa sya'y dumating
Hanggang sa sya'y dumating
(Crude) translation:
Remember Christ
Who served Himself
As food and drink
We feast on
Until He arrives
Until He arrives
A few weeks ago, at a wedding I attended, this Indian lady who clearly wasn't Catholic lined up for communion, got a host, held it with her two fingers until she got back to her seat then showed it off to her Indian partner in amusement. She may have pocketed it, I couldn't tell, but I was so shocked by it that I realized I was observing her with mouth agape.

I remembered that event as I sang the song above, which got me thinking: Do I genuinely and sincerely believe that bread and wine turn to the Body and Blood of Christ during the Eucharist, or do I only believe it out of tradition and what I was programmed to believe? At what point do I stop questioning my faith to protect my belief in Christ as God?

I wish I had a photo of my Best in Religion medal in high school to post with this entry :-)

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heldensoubrette said...

don't get me started.

shockresist said...

without knowing the technical definition of "mortal sin", i think it's a mortal sin to take the host and not consume it. i remember when i fell in line for communion in the church in vatican city, a lady took the host then intended to keep it as a souvenir and just kept it on her palm. so many priests suddenly descended on her and scolded her. i think it is one thing to disbelieve the christian faith, and it is another thing to disrespect christian traditions, like what the indian woman did.

Jason said...

na-amaze lang ako na after all those years na kinakanta ko yang song na yan eh it took me about 12 years to actually think about or just consider what it really means to me.

christa said...

omg. i just happened to pass by yr blog but when i read about what the indian woman did, it made me want to cry. seriously.

i mean, i'm 21, not zealously religious, and am generally open-minded, but i am a practicing and believing catholic. andandandand. that was a total affront. sorry. i'm bothered and disturbed at the disrespect. it might have meant nothing to her, but it means something to other people. i really feel bad that no one stopped her.

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