Monday, January 05, 2009


Forgive me for on the fifth day of the new year, six days since I announced my resolutions, I've already broken one of them, particularly the third:

  • I am practically a financial guru. My savings are huge as I don't see the need to be materialistic.

I unnecessarily purchased a new bag despite my perilous finances (no thanks to the major works my teeth are undergoing).

But hep -- the Libra in me justifies this acquisition by this virtue: I needed a masculine bag.

Consider the bags that I am presently using in rotation:

My bag for work:


My bag for trips to the mall:

Twiggy tote from Marks & Spencer. (credit: Pang-maton, di ba?

My weekender bag:


And the only rugged bag of the bunch, for gym:


In my defense, this Nike was given to me by my sister. Needless to say, I'm not a fan :-)

So while I was in the mall earlier, I figured, hey, why not get a non-vaguely masculine-looking bag?

Hence this brute from Gap:

The fabric is thick and the zippers are huge; even when empty, the bag works up my bicep as it feels like 5-freaking-pounds.

But fiiiinnnne... I'm not complaining; I'll just work it like my rent is due tomorrow, lol.

And oh, New Year ain't starting for the Chinese until the 27th, right? :-P

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