Monday, July 14, 2008

All the "moo" I want

What are Moo MiniCards?

Moo MiniCards are a great way to create your own business card. About half the size of a standard business card, it can feature your photo on one side and your contact details on the other. All you have to do is upload your photos on Flickr, make a few clicks, pay online and voila -- two months later (in my case), you get your package! (Hopefully, they arrive much earlier for you :-P)
Look what the delivery guy sent me this morning:

My order of Moo MiniCards from London:

They smell great, like bubblegum.

A few hours later, the delivery guy gave me another package:

Two other sets of Moo MiniCards?!

In May, I ordered for 200 pcs of MiniCards. It should have arrived on June 11, but it didn't. Five days after the delivery date expired, I contacted Moo's customer service. Fauzia, the lady assigned to me, was extremely helpful that she immediately sent another batch my way, no questions asked.

Both prints managed to arrive at my desk today.

So now, I have 400 business cards, which I don't think I'll ever use up unless I distribute them in Malate on Gay Pride night.

I did offer to return or pay for the extra prints and I'm waiting for their reply on that (sana ibigay na lang nila, hehe).



Hi Jason

Thanks for letting us know, Please keep both sets and consider one a gift.

Spread the good word about MOO

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