Tuesday, August 04, 2020


I'm back here because I'm currently studying a digital marketing course, which includes an overview of Google Analytics. I can't believe it's been seven years since I posted here, it feels more like five or less. 

I've quick-scrolled through my archives (just a few of them as this is taking time away from my online study) and needless to say, I cringed. There's so much I want to revise, switch to private, and delete and maybe I will (or not). I certainly did not imagine I will be writing a post here in the middle of a pandemic. 

Ah, "middle" – wishful thinking, of course. Middle suggests this will be all gone by first quarter next year, but who knows. To be fair, I've already seen a YouTube video of influencers doing a travel guide to London post-lockdown, but from Manila, which has reverted to a stricter lockdown (only essential travel is allowed, no public transportation) as new Covid cases are posting record highs, this looks surreal. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Funny Siberian Husky playing in leaves

Was having a shitty morning until this Siberian Husky showed me how awesome  piles of leaves are.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shoes for the rainy season

Say what you will of Crocs (or Native Shoes, in this case) but they are awesome for the rainy season! Once you arrive at your destination, just pat them—and your feet—dry and you're good. :-)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Horror and LOLs

I invited Jill and Pam to watch Insidious: Chapter 2. I was pretty impressed with the producers of the film. It hasn't been what, 6 months, and yet, they already have a sequel? Awesome.

Me: "Ang galing no? May sequel na agad."
Pam: "...."
Me: "Although ba't si Rose Byrne na yung nasa cast. Di ba yung last time si Vera something?"
Pam: "Si Rose naman talaga original ah?"
Me: "Nooooo! Replacement na lang yata sya. Si Vera yung original."
Pam: "Huh? Si Rose yung dati."
Me: "No, si Vera..."
Pam: "Si Rose!"

Repeat 10 times.


You mean Insidious is not the sequel to The Conjuring? Patrick Wilson, this is all your fault.

And the clincher: I didn't see the first Insidious.

Still, I liked the film and I like Patrick Wilson.

* * * * *

Pam: Five stars yung rating mo for We're the Millers, pero yung This is the End, 3 stars?!"

Me: Nakatulog kaya ako sa TITE. (Well no, I didn't actually say this. Katamad lang mag-type.)

Pam: That is your fault, not the producers'. (Yes, umi-English.)

Me: Ang funny kaya nung The Millers. I don't think I've found anything that crass funny ever. (Umi-English din.)

Pam: Oo nga, ang funny!

Jill: Yung balls, lol! *actual lol-ing*

Me: True, tapos yung striptease scene, lololol!

Pam: Lolol!

Tatin, Giff: Lolololol!

* * * *


This is the End - 7/10
Insidious: Chapter 2 - 8/10
We're the Millers - 9/10

Friday, September 20, 2013


I tried my best not to like the new Pope. After all, I told myself, what could possible change? The leadership may vary but the Catholic Church's dogma will remain.

And then, his first move: He named himself Francis, a name I've always had an affinity for, after the saint of Assisi. Francis is what would have been my name, if only a neighbor didn't beat my parents to it. I was born on his feast day and have always joked that I was born on World Animal Day.

And then, his second move: His interview on the plane after World Youth Day. ("If a homosexual person is of good will and is in search of God, I am no one to judge.") While I was touched by his words, I still kept it to myself because I knew that among the Church's vanguards, the Pope is more an exception than the rule. And true enough, days later, a US Archbishop was already foaming at the mouth. ("Pope was 'on a high' during gay remarks.")

And then, his latest: "When God looks at a gay person, does he endorse the existence of this person with love, or reject and condemn this person? We must always consider the person."

I hope the ripples turn into waves.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dancing in September: UP Pep Squad's 2013 Party theme *updated*

Warning: updated with over 20MB of GIFs (taken from YouTube user Koneg).

* * * *

Photo: Marlon Nombrado and Luis Adrian Hidalgo for TinigngPlaridel

Despite the UP Pep Squad's major mistakes (I counted four, with one minor error in the dismount), they still clinched 2nd place ahead the cleaner performance of DLSU. After all, despite the failed attempts by some members, the rest of the squad were able to execute the demanding stunts which you'd normally see in world cheerleading championships. I have to give it to UP for being the first to have done some of them locally.

Even before the event, UP announced that this was going to be a fun routine, hugely different from their 2012 Freedom piece, which was serious and almost prophetical. Nevertheless, and as always, UP mixed up gender stereotypes by highlighting the girls' strength (last seen in 2009 through Anna Cruz's partner stunt), while the boys took the front row in the dance segments. In this routine, UP also proves that they are undoubtedly the best in terms of choreography and dance. (This year, influenced by Latin and hiphop.) I don't think I've seen the squad execute their dance this synchronized and clean in recent years: their lines and formations were near perfection.

Photo: Marlon Nombrado and Luis Adrian Hidalgo for TinigngPlaridel

Also, for the sixth straight year, I loved the styling of the group. Their hairstyle this time was inspired by Rihanna's curly mohawk, with the girls wearing a mesh top. Disco balls served as pompoms.

Now on to the routine. Here were my favorite parts:

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